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Where do I fall on the issues?

I entered this campaign after coming to the conclusion that my representative in Congress, Walter Jones, was simply not doing all he could to support the Trump Agenda. 

As your Congressman, I will do all I can to get to “yes” on those matters so we can Make America Great Again.  Below find a series of issues and how I would vote if serving in Congress today.

Our Military

I believe our military was let down by our government during the Obama Administration, leaving our assets, both human and capital, inadequately addressed.  Last year the Marine Corps lost 15 Marines due to aviation mishaps. Additionally, no military family should be on food stamps, but some 23,000 are.

I would have voted in support of the current National Defense Authorization Act and in support of the funding bills that would pay for those authorized programs.  My opponent did not vote in support of any of the major defense bills brought to the House floor this year.


The border wall must be completed, chain migration must be ended, and the diversity visa program must be shut down.  I believe in an "America first" approach to immigration that is based on skill and merit rather than on diversity and family connections that result in chain migration.

Our immigration policy must serve the American people, not foreigners and not the small group of elitists in both parties who believe in open borders. No refugees from countries controlled by known terrorist organizations should be allowed into the United States. Jones voted against funding the Wall earlier this year.


I would have voted in support of the repeal and replace bill taken up by the House in 2017 because it would have been a first step in entitlement reform, decreasing spending over $800M.  Walter Jones voted against this bill, undercutting the President’s agenda. 

Our First Amendment

I believe in the free exercise of religion and disagree with those who interpret the First Amendment that there be no connection between government and religion. I support freedom of speech, even if it is speech with which I do not agree and I support the ability of one to petition our government when we are honked (or in that odd instance that we are happy about something). 

Family Values

I am opposed to abortion, believing it is contrary to God's will. I would have voted in support of HR 36, the bill recently passed by the House making it a crime to perform abortions if the age of the fetus is 20 weeks or more. 

I favor traditional marriage, defined as being between one man and one woman. 

Tax reform

I would support tax reform, as outlined by the President and as provided for under the budget plan for Fiscal Year 2018.  Again, Walter Jones voted against this resolution, undercutting the President’s agenda.

Our Second Amendment

I am a gun owner and a Life member of the NRA. I believe in the Second Amendment fully and the rights protected under this amendment shall not be infringed upon. Period.